The Platform

Unistake is a decentralised token protocol built to empower DeFi projects and incentivise liquidity providers.

User Features

3 New features to increase
profits and usability


Multiplier An optional side contract used when
providing liquidity to increase Staking
Bonuses and lock up UNISTAKE.
PoolStake Standard 2 token Uniswap liquidity
model, but with the additional benefit
from revenues streams from staking
PoolMatch A way to provide liquidity with only
one token of the pair, while
the project provides the other.

Enterprise Features

Build trust and liquidity for new
and existing Defi Projects


Liquidity DeFi projects looking to build or increase
Uniswap liquidity can use Unistake to attract
liquidity providers through exclusive benefits.
Staking Bonuses Existing projects can use their company tokens to
create staking bonuses and new projects can
program their smart contracts to work with
Unistake out the box.
Lock up Periods Provide a higher rate of staking returns to liquidity providers
who leave their liquidity in the Uniswap pools for longer with
optional liquidity lock up periods.

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