Unistake is looking for influencers just like you to help spread awareness about our upcoming launch. If you are looking for a quality project that can add value to the DeFi market then Unistake is the perfect fit for your community.

What Is

Unistake is a liquidity platform built on top of Uniswap that makes providing liquidity more profitable for users and easier to attract for projects.


Liquidity is something that every project in the DeFi industry needs yet is increasingly difficult to acquire. Without liquidity stability, markets are always at risk of collapse.


Unistake solves issues seen by liquidity providers and projects growing their pools. The platform creates reliable ways to increase and stabilise liquidity as well as increase profits for providers while decreasing risk.

For Users

For Projects

About Unistake

Unistake was founded in early 2020 with a goal to help gain traction for decentralised crypto exchanges. As Uniswap started to gain traction, a massive influx of new projects was seen, all of which required liquidity, which put Unistake in the perfect position.

Token Sale

Unistake held a decentralised token sale made up of two rounds, the first round of 2000 was filled in 6 hours and the second round held one week later totalling 3000 ETH was filled in 43 minutes.

Since The
Tokens Sale

The Unistake team spent the last few months developing the platform which has now been completed and is ready for launch. The totally decentralised smart contracts have been audited and received a perfect score.


Unistake has a small and dedicated community on discord who have been following the project through the development phase. Prior to launch, the growth of the community has been purposefully kept to a minimum by engaging in no marketing in preparation for our main platform launch.

Launch Awareness

The platform is now ready to be launched and we are looking to raise awareness through influencers like you. It is our goal to show the DeFi community how important liquidity is and how Unistake can be used by every project in the market to help get their liquidity to critical mass.

Get Involved

If you like the sound of Unistake and want to help us spread the word we would love to hear from you.


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