We would like to welcome the LGCY community to the Unistake Platform.
This page is designed for you to learn about the benefits of Unistake and
how LGCY is using our platform to help grow their liquidity pools.

What is Unistake

Unistake is a liquidity protocol built on top of Uniswap, that gives you more incentives to provide liquidity to the projects you believe in. Providing liquidity to Uniswap via Unistake comes with a number of advantages compared to providing liquidity directly. Unistake is now live with LGCY/ETH liquidity pool; giving you the opportunity to become a LGCY liquidity provider, with all the benefits that Unistake makes possible.

Using Unistake vs Uniswap Alone

Becoming a liquidity provider on Uniswap can be great way to make returns on your tokens. However most people never become liquidity providers because they are uncomfortable with the risks associated with it.

Unpredictable Returns

There is no reliable way to predict what returns you are likely to receive. This is due to the fact that trade volume of the pair can fluctuate based on many unknown factors.

Impermenant Loss

Ending up with less of one of the tokens provided or an overall loss in value is a possibility due to the change of proportions of each token within the pool.

Share Of Pool

As the amount of liquidity providers increase, the share received of the trading fees are reduced, and a larger pool does not necessarily mean there will be more trade volume.

Providing liquidity to Uniswap through Unistake reduces and even eliminates some of the concerns of potential liquidity providers who consider joining a pool. This is achieved by the introduction of Staking Bonuses which are an additional revenue stream on top the profits received from Uniswap trading fees.

Predictable Returns

Staking Bonus returns are a fixed percentage based on the amount of liquidity provided and the length of time the liquidity is in the pool.

Offset Impermanent Loss

By receiving the additional guaranteed return through Staking Bonuses, the impermanent loss can be reduced or even totally eliminated.

Share Of Pool

As pools grow and the share of trading fee profits reduce, the percentage of Staking Bonuses are not affected.

The LGCY PoolStake

LGCY wants to provide you with the best returns and peace of
mind for long term liquidity providers of their pools. That is why
they are offering liquidity providers willing to join their pools
for a set period of time with an additional APY on top
of the trading fees provided by Uniswap.

How it Works

Join A Pool

PoolMatch works just like a traditional
Uniswap pool but with the additional
benefit of staking. Once you join the
pool, the Uniswap LP tokens that
represent the liquidity you provided are
automatically staked in the PoolMatch
contract for the duration of the staking period.

Collect Bonuses

From the moment you join the PoolStake
you will begin generating the Staking
Bonuses that are provided to you by
LGCY. You can withdraw these
pro-rata at any time along the staking
period and the APY you signed up for
is locked in and secured by the contract.

Withdraw LPs

After the staking period is complete you can
unstake them and withdraw them into your
wallet. When you withdraw them you will also
receive all the Uniswap trading profits that
were made during the term. If available
at the time of completion you can also
re-stake your LPs for an additional term.

Pool Availability

LGCY's PoolStake is available now
on the Unistake App, there is a total of 88 Million LGCY (approximately $250k on deployment) in staking bonuses available to their liquidity providers

Get The Best

LGCY is offering a maximum of
18% APY to liquidity providers
who have a 2x Unistake Multiplier.
To get the best available returns, hold
the equivalent value in UNISTAKE
as you provide in LGCY and
deposit it into our Multiplier contract.
Using Multiplier is optional but once you
have it you can use your balance to join
unlimited pools from any number of
projects to get up-to 2x on your Staking
Bonuses every time.

Unistake Token

When you join a Uniswap liquidity pool
via Unistake there is no fees added to
the profits that you receive from
the Uniswap trading revenues. However
when withdrawing the additional profits
made possible by the Unistake platform
you will need to pay 10% of what you
are about to receive in the UNISTAKE token.

Learn more

To learn more about Unistake and the benefits that it provides to you
as a liquidity provider please see the links below.

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