Trust Through Code

Unistake has opted to stand out from the crowd and deploy an open source token offering that not only ensures total trust and transparency but also encourages participants to hold their tokens for longer through Unistakes newly developed I.S.O, Initial Stake Offering.


All functions of the ISO are performed automatically by the smart contract.


Every line of code has been meticulously tested and verified by third party solidity engineers.


Essential Functions

Although some projects still use centralised token offerings which rely on the team to perform essential functions. The Unistake ISO is programmed to fulfil these requirements without delay avoiding all possibility of any malicious intent.


Token Listing After the completion
of the ISO, the smart contract
automatically creates the
Uniswap listing.
Liquidity Deposits At the time of listing, a predefined
amount of ETH and UNISTAKE
tokens are deposited into a
Unistake Liquidity Pool.
Token Distribution At the time of listing, UNISTAKE
tokens are available for immediate
withdrawal without any third party
permissions or middle men.

Custom Functions

Other than the essential required functions to complete an autonomous token offering the Unistake ISO has a number of original features designed to incentivise supporters to act in the benefit the whole community.


Listing Price The UNISTAKE token has a predefined
and predictable listing price which is
set based on the day which
Round 3 of the ISO ends.
Automatic Rounds Made up of three rounds, each round
is programmed to open and close based on
the amount of ETH sent to the contract and
the number of days in the third round.
Speed Bonuses Benefits to ISO supporters are pre-programmed
into the smart contract, but the degree of benefits
is based on how fast round 3 of the ISO is closed.

ISO Dashboard

Keep track of your tokens and stakes in
the Unistake ISO dashboard.

See the progress of the ISO rounds and amount of tokens remaining

Participate in multiple rounds at once and track the progress of your tokens

Withdraw staked tokens from one round without losing staking bonuses from another

View statistics on ended stakes and withdraw your share of the dividends

Track the total dynamic supply based on the ISO and see token burns

To view an in-depth break down of the ISO token sale supply and benefits
available to supporters, please see the Tokenomics section of this website.

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