What Is PoolMatch?

PoolMatch is an adaptation on a concept often seen in companies who match an employee's donation into a charity or pension fund. It works in a similar way by allowing projects the ability to put tokens into the contract, allowing their communities to benefit from single token liquidity provision and a 100% return on what they provide.

It’s One Sided

Compared to providing directly on Uniswap, when using PoolMatch you only need one side of the pair to join the pool. The project can select which side that should be, or they can create duel contracts to attract even more liquidity providers. PoolMatch allows token holders to join pools without the need to hold the same value in ETH and gives ETH holders a great way to join and get involved in tokens that they do not already hold.

100% Return

When joining a liquidity pool with PoolMatch, the provider will receive 100% return on the amount of tokens it puts into the pool. The return it receives will be on the other side of the pair and can be withdrawn with it's original deposit at the end of the term.

Use Your Multiplier

As PoolMatch guarantees 2X on your liquidity deposit, you must have an active Multiplier balance equal to the amount of liquidity you provide to the pool. PoolMatch is the only Unistake contract where using Multiplier is not optional, but this requirement is offset by the removal of all fees for collecting profits.

How it Works

Find Pool

Projects can match liquidity deposits on either side of the pair. That means that the pool you join will determine the token you need to deposit and the return you will receive. The length of stakes will also differ based on the decisions of the project; no matter the length of the term, PoolMatch always results in a 100% return, as at the end of the term, all the liquidity can be withdrawn.


Once you have found a pool you would like to join, you need to deposit the correct token in the liquidity pair. Once deposited, the PoolMatch contract will send your tokens and the matched tokens from the project to Uniswap and the LP tokens will be staked in the PoolShare contract for the selected term. Once the term is up you will be able to withdraw all the liquidity linked to the LP tokens.

Withdraw Returns

PoolMatch attracts no fees for withdrawing your profits at the end of the staking term. On withdrawal you will receive 100% of the liquidity plus all of the Uniswap trading fees generated during the time you provided liquidity.

PoolMatch Example

For the below example, the project will match tokens' deposits with ETH.


Find a Pool Select a PoolMatch you wish
to join with desirable terms.
Join Pool Deposit tokens into the
PoolMatch contract.
Deposit Matched Your deposit will be matched
by the ETH that the project put
up to attract liquidity providers.
Liquidity Provided Once a pool is created anyone who
holds the applicable tokens can join the
pool and benefit from profits from Uniswap
trading fees and staking bonuses.
LP's Staked Your LP tokens will be staked
in the PoolMatch contract based
on the selected term.
Earn Trading Profits During staking term Uniswap
trading profits are generated
on the liquiidty deposited.
Withdraw Liquidity At the end of term, withdraw liquidity
and receive all the tokens &
ETH including trading profits.

Existing Projects

Active projects can leverage PoolMatch to attract new community members and encourage their existing ones to put their tokens to good use. Incentivising token holders to join liquidity pools not only helps the growth of the project but also gives holders more reasons to keep holding.

New Projects

New projects can launch their liquidity pools from day one with PoolMatch in mind. The ability to attract ETH providers by matching their deposits in tokens allows community members to get involved with new projects with minimal risk and receive the ETH's value in tokens without needing to spend the ETH, as in a traditional token sale.

Fair Launch

PoolMatch can be easily used by new projects to initiate what is known as a “fair launch”, but with a Unistake twist. To do this, the project needs to put 100% of its remaining token supply into the PoolMatch contract and then its community can join its pool for the preset term by providing ETH. This version of a fair launch can be a great way to boost liquidity for a new project as well as rewarding their community members for getting involved early. To be advised, PoolMatch can only be considered a fair launch contract if all the available tokens are deposited into the contract and the project is not able to mint additional supply.

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