What UNISTAKE is not.

UNISTAKE is not a token that arbitrarily pays returns to holders for locking away tokens from an infinitely increasing token supply. The token has a real world use case (utility) which means people need the token in order to use the platform. Using the token within the platform creates new opportunities to projects and liquidity providers to get the most out of their interactions with the Uniswap decentralised exchange.

Utility Explained

Unistake is designed to make attracting and providing Uniswap liquidity easier and more profitable than with Uniswap alone. Any project can utilise the tools offered to attract the liquidity they need, and anyone looking to provide liquidity can increase their returns by using Unistake to join those pools. In order to take advantage of these benefits, projects and liquidity providers both require the Unistake token (UNISTAKE) to do so.


For Projects

In order to use Unistake to attract liquidity providers, projects will need to have a Uniswap pair with their token and UNISTAKE. If an existing pair does not exist, the project will need to create the pair and lock up a certain amount of tokens to gain access to the platform.

For Users

Regardless of which protocol a person uses to provide liquidity, they will benefit from the additional staking bonuses when using Unistake. Profits derived from liquidity providing attracts no fees by Unistake but a 10% fee paid in UNISTAKE is required to withdraw profits received from staking bonuses.

Detailed Utility Breakdown

Scroll right through the slide show for a step-by-step utility guide.


Creating The Pool The first step is a project creating a
pool to attract liquidity providers. The
project must have a pair with their token
and UNISTAKE on Uniswap to begin.
Set Staking Bonuses When creating the pool the project
creates extra incentives to liquidity
providers by offering guaranteed
returns in their tokens for joining.
Set Lock Ups The percentages offered can differ
based on the amount of time a
liquidity provider agrees to lock
their liquidity for.
Joining A Pool Once a pool is created anyone who
holds the applicable tokens can join the
pool and benefit from profits from Uniswap
trading fees and staking bonuses.
Creating The Pool Joining a liquidity pool via Unistake
requires a commitment to the project
through a liquidity lock up. Longer lock
up terms provide higher staking bonuses.
Active Providers Once a pool is joined the liquidity is
locked for the chosen term and the
percentage of return received in staking
bonuses are guaranteed.
Uniswap Profits Profits derived from Uniswap trading fees
can be withdrawn at the end of the term
along with the original tokens deposited
into the liquidity pool.
Staking Bonus Profits Staking bonuses are locked in for the
liquidity provider so they can therefore be
withdrawn pro-rata at any time during
the chosen lock up term.
Realising Profits The profits realised from Uniswap
trading fees are not effected by using
Unistake but additional profits realised
through staking bonuses attract a fee.

UNISTAKE Utility Example

For the below example, the tokens provided into liquidity will be valued at $100
at the start and the end of the term.

Providing Liquidity
On Uniswap Alone

  • User provides 1 Test Token (TT) and 100 EXAMPLE Tokens (EXT) to the TT/EXT liquidity pool on Uniswap.

  • User waits 30 days and withdraws his tokens from liquidity.

  • User receives the original 1 Test Token and 100 EXAMPLE Tokens plus trading profits of 10%.

Providing Liquidity
On Uniswap via Unistake

  • User provides 1 Test Token (TT) and 100 EXAMPLE Tokens (EXT) to the TT/EXT liquidity pool on Uniswap.

  • The User locks the tokens for 30 days in order to benefit from the 10% staking bonuses that the EXAMPLE Token is offering.

  • User waits 30 days and withdraws his tokens from liquidity.

  • User receives the original 1 Test Token and 100 EXAMPLE tokens plus trading profits of 10%.

  • User withdraws staking bonuses received in EXAMPLE Tokens and pays a 10% fee in UNISTAKE in order to receive 100% of the EXAMPLE Tokens.

Increasing UNISTAKE Utility

An additional utility for the UNISTAKE token comes in the form of a product built to increase the returns received from Staking Bonuses by up to 2X. Unistake Multiplier is a side contract that that locks up tokens and works in conjunction with the main contracts on the platform.

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